Where Does It Hurt?: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care





‘I loved this book. Jonathan Bush is a goggle-eyed radical foaming for revolution in the house of health care–with the crucial, page-turning difference that for years he’s actually been delivering on it. His story alone is worth the price of admission. He’s driven ambulances in New Orleans, remade child delivery in San Diego, and built an Internet company that is transforming the way people practice medicine. And along the way you’ll learn more about the real world of how health care works than should be possible for a book this interesting. Jonathan Bush is a singular new voice in American health care.’ –Atul Gawande, surgeon, professor, and author of ‘The Checklist Manifesto’
‘This is a compelling, entertaining story–an insider’s perspective on American health care by someone who has been closely involved in its reshaping. Few people amass Jonathan Bush’s kind of experience or articulate as clearly what lies ahead.’ –Abraham Verghese, physician and author of ‘Cutting for Stone’
‘Jonathan Bush is not only a brilliant visionary but he walks the talk when it comes to tackling the dysfunctions of our health care system. Reading this book will help you understand why things are as broken as they are and inspire you to be part of the fix.’
–Regina Herzlinger, Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, and author of ‘Who
Killed Health Care? ”America’s Trillion Medical Problem–and the Consumer-Driven Cure’
‘Health care has successfully resisted organizational innovation to the detriment of our health and our economy. In ‘Where Does It Hurt?’ Jonathan Bush gives exciting accounts of current innovation, and irreverently imagines an attainable future in which a vibrant medical marketplace is driven by health entrepreneurs, of which he himself is a prime example. Patients, physicians and policy wonks alike would be well served to take the provocative and illuminating tour.’ –Jeffrey Flier, MD, deann

About the Author

JONATHAN BUSH is the CEO and cofounder of athenahealth, one of the fastestgrowing technology companies in the country. The nephew and cousin of two U.S. presidents, he has worked in health care for two decades. He has an MBA from Harvard and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

STEPHEN BAKER is a former senior writer for BusinessWeek and author of The Numerati and Final Jeopardy.


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