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Life is a game. You just have to know how to play it—your way. The New Entrepreneurz contains no secret formulas, magic incantations, or a one-size-fits-all approach to making the most of your life and opportunities. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another and where one person is heading isn’t necessarily where you want to be headed. This book helps you mark the X on your map and find your unique way to the life you’ve always wanted. The New Entrepreneurz teaches you how to read the map, equipping you with the vision to spot both opportunities and threats, and with the sword to fight your inner and outer dragons, so you can build the bridges, create opportunities, and reach your ultimate destination.

The New Entrepreneurz explores entrepreneurial thinking in an entirely new way. Not limited to simply business, entrepreneurial thinking can drive how we live our lives every day, regardless of where or how we work. Ronen Gafni and Simcha Gluck, creators of internationally acclaimed entrepreneurial game FreshBiz, share the underlying fundamentals of what it means to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial mind-set. Approaching life, business, and our daily challenges as a game can be an extremely powerful and freeing experience. Learning to see the obstacles in front of us as merely steps in a larger game can help us to capitalize on opportunities we didn’t see and eliminate stress that we don’t need.

Entrepreneurial thinking can create a new path to personal growth and happiness that is unique to your circumstances. Success is not measured by monetary gains or social status, but simply by achieving what you set out to do—winning your own game. The New Entrepreneurz is an illuminating and refreshing take on how to live a successful and rewarding life, loaded with real-world examples and the fundamental principles of a creative game that is changing the world.

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“This book, these guys, and the FreshBiz game are shifting the mind-set of the world—it certainly has mine.”
—Jon Vroman, author of Living College Life in the Front Row, creator of The Front Row Foundation

“College students beware: This book is so powerful that after just the first time reading it, I began to rethink my entire approach to life and the resources I have at my disposal! Writing with a fantastic voice that really engages the reader, Ronen, Simcha, and the FreshBiz company are role models for the fun new way to do business. Super enjoyable and dynamic . . . with great interviews!”
—Amanda Edwards, student, Johns Hopkins University

“If you’ve been looking for direction on how to enjoy success in business while also enjoying a deep sense of meaning and a high quality of life, then this book is your guide. Ronen and Simcha have captured the zeitgeist of entrepreneurial thinking and packaged in fun analogies and memorable language to help you join this movement of New Entrepreneurz that are making a difference, making money, and having fun in the process.”
—Andrew Hewitt, founder, GameChangers 500

“I’m a huge fan of thinking outside the box when it comes to business, and The New Entrepreneurz book (that came with the FreshBiz game that I purchased) will completely refresh the way you do business while enhancing your life and the lives of your customers and even your ‘competitors.’ Its all about Win to the Winth Power—and this new approach to entrepreneurship shows you how.”
—Viveka Von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, and LinkedIn Consultant

“Roll the die and choose your move, play an Action Card or startup a business. As a student at university, with a real interest in business, I love that this book leaves you feeling that the options are endless and the rules are flexible, in this great new game of life that I cannot wait to graduate into!”
—Carly Karten, student, University of Texas at Austin

“This book is for anyone who sees themselves as an agent of change in the world; moving toward a more developed, open, and smart future.”
—Anat Bar-Or, happiness researcher

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